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Details:  We include the New AHA BLS Text Book with this New course for you to take home!   AHA made the new text book mandatory and old version of the text book become invalid - Anywhere you go!  So now you can rightfully ask, "Hey are you guys giving me the new textbook or what?  If not, "What's up with that?" to who ever teaches your BLS class out there.

What all this means to you the consumer:  Books change, when rules for doing CPR changes.  Wherever you go for your BLS class, if they are not giving you the Newly Released Brand Spanking New Book,...Without the brand new book in your hand;  Pretty much what ever you hear from people that teach your class becomes a lame duck, cheapskate, hide behind mom's business type of excuse not to give you a book, so they don't have worry about spending a dime on inventory.  We think you deserve better!  We have been carrying the new book since it came out and forking out thousands of bucks in AHA inventory to help everybody out in Hawaii, now we simply give the book to our students to take home.  New book is in short supply locally, mom and pop shops around the corner don't carry it.  Plus, test speaks like the book, so good luck passing the test without the Book.  The book is mandatory, although the cheap sushi man out there may try to convince you otherwise.  Some may even tell you no book is better for you, because makes it fat free, and cheaper for them to teach that way.  Training services industry is full of people trying to feed others cheap crab.  In meeting your job requirements, you can eat cheap sushi and give yourself and your boss tummy ache.  Or you can simply support your local service organization that actually spends what it takes to bring great training to Hawaii Public and take a class from us that comes with the book. 


This particular BLS course you are looking at is taught entirely by a human, using human talent, human ability to teach, while utilizing approved audio visuals and  teaching materials.  Nothing to do online.  All parts of the course is done in our Training Center.  You walk out with a BLS card upon passing all the requirements and tests.  We have taught thousands of BLS classes in Hawaii and made a significant positive impact on people's lives and livelihoods here.  We are academically trained educators with decades of real teaching experience, that's kind a like holding up a big sign and saying:


BLS- What it is & What it is not:

BLS knowledge is a pre-requisite for ACLS. In most cases, BLS is the required CPR Certification for Healthcare Facilities, Clinics, Hospitals, Nursing Schools, Medical Residencies and EMT Schools.  Generally intended for physicians, nurses, rad. techs, nursing, med students, dentists, pharmacists, anyone needing certification for Hospital Jobs.  If your job asked for a " First Aid, CPR & AED card," this is NOT it! Check out the First Aid CPR AED Course instead.   BLS does not have First Aid in it, it is a CPR class for Healthcare Providers.  If your boss said go get a BLS card, BCLS card, Healthcare Provider CPR card, Professional Rescuer Level CPR card, than this is it!  If you are not sure which card you are required to get for your job, please call your boss and find out so we can get you into the right class!


BLS Class Contents:
Newest Updated Science Guidelines.  Chain of survival.  Adult, Child, Infant CPR, Two Men Rescue, Barrier Devices (Including Ambu Bags), Adult/Child AED, Choking Scenarios, etc.

Delivery Format:
AHA watch and practice videos. Instructor led, hands on format for skills proficiency testing.  AHA multiple choice exam.

Certification Card:
American Heart Association BLS Provider Card issued upon finishing this course and passing the requirements - On the same day!. Card is good for two years.  

Card Updates:

We issue the Newest AHA BLS Cards.  Here is the Memo from AHA on what the new cards look like.  You are getting the Newest Card to show your boss, getting the Newest Book to take home and learning the Newest Stuff.  Yup, that card is the authentic AHA BLS Card (AHA Product # 15-3001).  AHA's newest card is in electronic format, your AHA card sits in a AHA server (You can print a paper copy too if you like).  Your employer can also check it on the AHA server instead of just calling us like they usually do.

This course is conducted in our Classroom 1.

Read our FAQ if you have further questions.

This is a traditional classroom course, everything is done in the classroom.  There is also option to do this course partially online and partially in the classroom.  If you would like AHA to get more on educational material used for this course when we buy it from the Authorized Distributors, you want the maximum speed on the part of the class that is conducted by humans and if you feel like doing part of all this at home ahead of time, please get the  Online+Classroom Option.

BLS Book Offer

To Sign Up for a Class Pick a Date Below.  Your book will be there on the day of the class.  After you sign up, here is a study guide.  Take a look.  If you know the stuff that's on there, you are pretty much golden.  We will be doing all that, a bunch of manikin pressing and a lot of other things in your class.

Newest and the greatest thing from AHA!  Minimal in class time!  We are the biggest promoters and advertisers of AHA eLearning around on this side of the planet (Check all the search engines and ask your buddies at work).  Another best offering from Fast CPRTM that helps many many people locally, improves the local training market, helping us offer FASTEST CLASSES, thus having us hold a big sign that says:

*Fees for eLearning part of the courses and educational materials always go to AHA.  Thanks for helping us keep buying large piles of great educational materials from the Authorized AHA Distributors.  Help us help everybody and Move Mountains (of educational materials) with kindness.  Glad you like the classes and the human effort it takes to teach them.

Fun, Fast, Effective.  How it works:
  This is the fastest way to get your AHA Healthcare Provider BLS card.  You do the online part of the course ahead of time at home (Should take about an hour.  Everybody goes at their own speed, stop and start when ever they want through out the online part.  So times may be different).  After that you come in to do the rest in our office on the appointment date.  Upon passing the tests in our office, you walk out with your BLS card in hand, in about an hour.  You can do the substantial part of the course when ever you want.  You still get the official AHA BLS card at the end, just like a traditional classroom only BLS Class.

Cost:  $90 Covers all above three parts.  You get your card as soon as you are done with the skills practice and test at our office. 

Easy steps to complete the certification process:

  1. Register for FAST CPR’s American Heart Association BLS eLearning course from the schedule below.  Fee covers the all three portions of the course, including skills testing.
  2. Complete the eLearning Course at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home.
  3. When you pass the eLearning course, print your completion certificate and bring it to FAST CPR to take the American Heart Approved Skills Training.  
  4. Practice the skills on a rubber dummy (Part 2) and get tested (Part 3) with FAST CPR’s certified American Heart Association BLS instructors.
  5. Receive your two year American Heart Association BLS certification card at the end of part 3 (skills test) at our office before you leave.  

This course must be paid for during the online registration process.  Make sure you are using Correct Email Address.  Your payment receipt, Skills Session Appointment Date Confirmation and AHA eLearning Key Code will be emailed to you in a single email.  Please check your spam folder!  You will use the  AHA Key Code to complete the online segment of the course at AHA's authentic website that is custom configured and assigned by AHA to our organization at: 

Since AHA gets the money for the course keys, we can not give refunds on AHA eLearning materials.

If you are new to this eLearning thing, have no fear, here is a Tip Sheet. 

Although we can make sure our humans are alive and working to deliver the content, we have no way of telling if your particular computer will do the same, so here are the technical requirements for your machine. 

Support:  If you are having technical issues, you can reach AHA by calling 1-888-242-8883 4:00 am to 1:00 pm Hawaii time, Monday through Friday.

Consumer Beware:  Other facilities also offer this class! In some cases it may take two weeks or longer to get your certification card from them!  So, What is the point of taking a super efficient online course if you have to hold your breath for up to 20 days maximum processing time allowed by the rule book, once you are done with the skills testing?  Some are also jacking up the price four times and offer it to you without even skills testing.  With FAST CPR you will have your card in your hand as soon as you are done with skills testing at our office!  PLUS!  We actually carry this course in inventory, spend thousands of bucks on educational materials and support AHA, where as many other places just give you a link.  Buy it here, regardless substantial chunk of your course fee goes to AHA as eLearning.  Plus as a little local organization, what we do for the entire States Health, Safety and Employment Outlook, is not so shabby either, so big Mahalo from us to you!


About our E-Fast Programs:  Fast CPR's course implementers were setting up eLearning courses for largest colleges in the USA and training their faculty and students on how to use eLearning long before practically anybody knew anything about eLearning.  We are here to help you by bringing best course content and most efficient programs to the community.  Thank you for your support.


ELECTRONIC TEXT BOOK IS ALSO INCLUDED WITH YOUR COURSE, SO NOTHING EXTRA TO BUY!  To access your textbook, just click that book icon that will be in your eLearning course.

To Proceed with signing up for this course, please pick a skills session appointment date below.

Yes Siree!  This is the course that gets you that authentic AHA Card for First Aid CPR AED.   A Rare Gem in the Hawaii training market!  Since the price of the course completion card went up by 850%, many people don't even offer it anymore!  Check around if you don't believe us!  With all the card, book, administrative, facility, equipment and instructional costs it takes to deliver this particular class, you definitely know ours is different from all those $20 classes you see all over the internet!  If you don't believe us, when it comes to meeting compliance requirements in Hawaii, show those other cards to your boss for a good heart felt ha, ha, ha. 

When we teach this course we also include the New AHA First Aid CPR AED Text Book for you to take home!   

What is this course:

This a traditional classroom course, all parts of this course is done at our Training Center.  Nothing to do online.  Heartsaver First Aid, CPR & AED is a course that is designed to get you the card that meets most job requirements (Except hospitals, most will require BLS.  We have that too.  Check with your boss first, sign up accordingly!). 

Who usually takes this:

People who take this class are usually the taking it for OSHA, Coast Guard, DOE, personal fitness trainer requirements, certain school entry requirements, most home care facilities, state jobs etc.  If the piece of paper they gave you said "Go take a First Aid CPR AED class," then this is it!

You will receive an American Heart Association First Aid, CPR (Infant, Adult, Child) & AED card, upon passing all the requirements, right after the class - On the same day at our classroom - NOT the okay by the book, up to 20 days!  Card is good for two years.

This course is conducted in our Classroom 2.

This is a traditional classroom course, everything is done in the classroom. Thank you for your support.  Only money AHA gets is from educational materials (That is your card and your book).  Only money we get is from our sweat in bringing training to the public and teaching the class. Mahalo.

To Sign Up for a Class Pick a Date Below.  Your book will be there on the day of the class.

With this course, we include the Brand New Released AHA First Aid Text Book for you to take home.

First Aid Only Class, does not include CPR.  It also does not include AED.  If you need a First Aid class that does include CPR and AED in it, that one is here.

This is a traditional classroom course.  That means the course is taught entirely by a human using human talent, human ability to teach, while utilizing approved audio visuals and  teaching materials.  All parts of the course is done in our Training Center, you walk out with a First Aid Card upon passing all the requirements and tests.  

Heartsaver First Aid is a course that is designed to get you the card that meets most job requirements that want the First Aid Card Only from you.

What you learn:

Adult First Aid. 

You will receive an American Heart Association First Aid card, upon passing all the requirements, right after the class - On the same day at our classroom - NOT up to 20 days in the mail!  Card is good for two years.



Fast CPR is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving Hawaii's Health, Safety and Employment Outlook.  


Looking for training for your group?  Relevant, timely, dependable, effective, on site Classes for Businesses also available all over Oahu.  Meet the OSHA requirements without hassle.  Get a Group Training Estimate.



Why Fast CPR?

Fast CPR saves lives and livelihoods. Each month Fast CPR Training CenterTM offers an incredible number of classes to the Hawaii Community. We help the workforce get their certifications without delay and meet the requirements in a timely manner, so people can keep their jobs or get better jobs.  Each year we teach thousands of individuals how to perform Fast, Efficient, Life Saving CPR.  Please support our programs.


Fast CPR Disclaimer:

Fast CPR is an Authorized American Heart Association Training Center.  You will get your course completion cards as soon as you are done with the course requirements at our educational facilities.  To help AHA, and for compliance purposes we sell AHA materials at their original purchase price or include them in our courses.  Any fees charged for such course materials do not represent income to the FAST CPR.  Thank you for appreciating the human effort that goes into teaching the educational courses.  Mahalo for your support.

AHA Disclaimer:

Useof AHA course materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the American Heart Association.  Any fees charged for such a course except for a portion of fees needed for AHA course materials do not represent income to the Association.

General Educational Warnings:

Taking classes at Fast CPR may cause enjoyment, fun and desire to refer friends.  Please avoid when needing to feel miserable.  Use with caution, as taking classes at Fast CPR may cause change in perception for the better regarding CPR classes.  Persistent desire to take good classes may be contagious.  Good deeds may come back to you many times and you may experience an improved society, as you contribute to missions of Fast CPR by attending classes.  Classes at Fast CPR may cause joy in learning and have been known by thousands locally to lead to an excellent educational experience.  Always use caution when operating machinery.  Don't text how great your class was at Fast CPR and drive at the same time.